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Therese winning the ABLE 2022 Book of the Year

Therese with her best selling book SWAP!

Therese is a passionate speaker, best-selling author, business and incubator advisor, and a marketing leader in the partnerships and collaboration space. With a career spanning over twenty years, Therese has started and grown her own businesses and led marketing teams for billion-dollar companies.

With an intense interest in manufacturing, Therese worked for giants like Minolta and Phillips before starting her own company in her twenties. She gained the licenses to produce baby products for Jeep, Sesame Street, and United Colors of Benetton which took her from her spare bedroom to contracts with three factories and offices in five countries. She harnessed the power of partnerships to reach this scale.​

After selling that company, Therese started working with big brands creating marketing plans that included partnerships and collaborations. From eCommerce to property, she has negotiated and delivered deals for many brands that have seen them create cobranded products, events, content and appear in magazines to TV shows like The Block and Selling Houses Australia.​

After publishing her first book SWAP! Marketing without Money and becoming an Amazon Best Selling author and reaching Booktopia’s Top 10, Therese has appeared on podcasts around the world and has articles published in Kochie’s Business Builders and Smart Company. Her energy is highest when she is on stage, and she was the keynote speaker for Small Business Month alongside Google.​

She knows what both sides have to offer and to gain by working together. Therese believes “Small Brands have what big Brands need” and her mission is to see businesses become stronger together by creating something amazing their mutual customer will love.

Best Selling Author,

Multi Award Winning Book

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Book of the Year

Overall GOLD Winner of the ABLE 2022 Book of the Year.

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Best Seller

#1 Amazon Best Seller in three categories in 2022.


Gold Medal

Literary Titan (USA) Gold Medal award -December 2022.

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Voted 5/5 by a Readers Favourite panel.

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Gold Medal

Book Excellence Awards - Winner.

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Top 10 in Marketing

Ranked in the Top 10 Marketing Books on Booktopia (Australia)


SWAP! Marketing without money

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner doing it tough in our post-pandemic world? Do you seem to be doing all the right things in your marketing plan but just not getting the results you desire? Then this book is for you!

With over 20 years in corporate marketing, branding, manufacturing and distribution, working with top brands like Jeep, United Colors of Benetton, Sesame Street and The Block, it’s fair to say Therese Tarlinton knows a thing or two about marketing. It may be a surprise to some, but Therese knows from experience that the most effective marketing strategies involve finding the right partnerships and collaborations to leverage your growing brand.

In her book, SWAP! Marketing without Money, Therese shares her step-by-step process so you can find the right companies to form partnerships with, and work with them to create a great outcome for both businesses and customers.

With her knowledge and expertise, you too can take your business from good to great, working with some of the most well-known brands, to create products and services that can take your 15 seconds of fame, and turn it into years of profitability.

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Leona Watson


“It is FILLED with easy to action, step-by-step ideas for collaboration to build your brand, client base, your online presence and ultimately your bank account."

Royston Rodrigues


“Whether new to partnerships or already in partnerships, this book, SWAP, has much to offer. Therese has given a lot of steps, insights and vision on how to create partnerships.”

Suzy Wraines


“As I read SWAP, I had to keep putting the book down to take notes of how I could implement the ideas she shares in my business right now.”

Eve Chen


“Proven, step-by-step roadmap and actions we should take to implement a win-win strategy in the partnership and achieve lasting growth outcomes for all.”

Robert Steers


“It is more than about marketing without money, it is about creating leverage to build ways to grow brands and reach new markets. A MUST READ for business owners.”

Charles Forest


“Immediately applicable!

I have taken these principles and ran with them. They are working in my business now!”

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

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