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Marketing without Money

- The VIDEO Series!

Based off the Best-Selling Book, Marketing without Money is TEN module video course that will take you step by step through how to create strategic brand collaborations to reach your ideal customer, increase your credibility and differentiate your brand to make more profit.

It's a six-step process to take you from BLAND TO BRAND. Once you change your marketing mindset, you will see opportunities for partnerships EVERYWHERE!

Room Reveal to Revenue!

Congratulations! Your product is on one of Australia's favourite TV shows and I know how to navigate all the marketing possibilities so you can maximise your TV moment into long term marketing.

Her experience as TV Brand Partner will ensure you can:

Promote your appearance.

Keep withing the rules.

Align with other Block suppliers.

Turn your appearance into sales that can impact your business long term.

103 Business Assets to Leverage!

The first thing business owners say to me is "I don't know if I have anything to offer another business to do a brand collab. "

I bet you are sitting on a mountain of assets that you have built in your business that you could leverage to create a strategic brand partnership.

To prove it, I came up with a list of 103 Assets - but you only need one or two.

Watch and see how many you have and then start doing collabs.

SWAP! Marketing without Money written by Therese Tarlinton is a guide for brands on how to use the power of partnerships in their business.

This is the AUDIO BOOK version, taking you through each chapter and read by Therese Tarlinton herself to feel like a 1-2-1 session with her personally.

Winner of the ABLE 2022 Book of the Year, 3 Gold Medals and an AMAZON Best Seller.

This FREE eBook UNLOCK THE POWER OF COLLABORATIVE MARKETING will show you 47 very simple ways for you to collaborate with other businesses to build your BRAND and your BOTTOMLINE.

It's the most powerful way to do no cost or low-cost marketing with another business who know your customer as well as you do.

It covers the three different ways to do brand collabs using your product/service, your IP/Knowlege or your location.

AI Tools for Small Business.

As a small business advisor, I know that founders go into business to do what they love - and that's not usually marketing their business.

Let me show you some AI Tools to make it easy for you to create social posts, edit videos, transcribe and repurpose your sales conversations into content that's always working to promote your business.

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